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Horizon Surveying Company, Inc. has been providing quality land surveying services to the communities of Downeast Maine in Hancock and Washington Counties since 1990.

new datums

We're also very happy to provide technical assistance to other professional land surveyors, architects and engineers in their application and processing of:

  • drone-acquired imagery

  • setting up and developing of their own Geographic Information System (GIS) using Global Mapper software

  • the implementation and integration of geodetic control networks tied to the National Spatial Reference System into their projects.

The latter will will become increasingly important as we quickly near the date that the National Geodetic Survey switches to the new spatial system:

  • Geometric Reference Frame

  • Geopotential Reference Frame


Scholarly Deed Research

Photographs taken at the Hancock County Registry of Deeds

Deed Research

Horizon Surveying Company, Inc. provides exhaustive and extensive deed research services. Before any boundary survey can be completed; indeed, even before its cost estimate can be generated, land records research is paramount. Without a thorough understanding of the origins of a particular boundary line; when it was created, by whom it was created and the physical things called for in its creation, the location of that record boundary cannot be determined.

Geographic Information System in Research
So-called minutes of the description of the French Grant among the Dodge Papers overlaid onto the map as displayed in Global Mapper

Historic Lands Records In a GIS? You bet!

Global Mapper is the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software package developed by Blue Marble Geographics. It is a marvelous tool for handling all sorts of geospatial data, including data from the late 18th century. Of all the tools in my kit, this tops the list of indispensable pieces of software that every practicing land surveyor should own.


If you're a professional land surveyor wanting to setup and manage land records using spatial data on an cost-effective platform, but maybe need a little help in using Global Mapper software, please consider using our consulting services. We are available to help you anytime.

3D point clouds generated from aerial photography

Screen capture from Pix4Dmapper Pro showing the 3D point cloud colored from RGB values in the photographs taken above - hint, the little green pyramid icons.

3D Point Clouds & Modeling

A variety of products tied to the National Spatial Reference System can be derived from aerial imagery captured by the sUAS beginning with 3D point clouds, 3d models, ortho imagery, surface meshes, contours, Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), volume calculations and so on.

Taking the point cloud into Global Mapper's Lidar Module, the points can be further refined through automated point Classification, noise removal, watersheds, and other spatial analysis.

Extending Geodetic Networks offshore onto nearby islands

Photograph taken at Northeast Harbor, Town of Mount Desert, Maine

Extending Geodetic Control Networks Offshore

Many islands along the coast of Maine have little or no geodetic control monuments available for local projects that are required to be tied to the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS). Those that do have such passive marks are often quite old and of questionable value. When your offshore projects demand to be traceable to the NSRS, please consider asking us to help. We're always up for a boat ride!

Aerial photography and orthographic rectified mosaics
Aerial-acquired imagery produced this ortho image at the intersection of the former Maine Central Railroad and Church Street in Ellsworth, Maine

Orthographic Mosaics

Looking for fresh orthographic imagery for your surveying, architectural or engineering project? Give us a call or contact us using the Contact Form.

This service isn't intended to compete with the awesome ortho imagery products being provided by the Maine Office of GIS, but rather is intended to fill the niche for more localized projects for a given area and at a higher resolution. Without question; dollar for dollar, Maine's ortho imagery program is the biggest bang for the buck, and if your community is offered a chance to participate and buy-up, jump on it.

High water determinations, Base Flood Elevation Surveys, LOMA Applications, Building Setbacks and much more
Photographs taken at Schoodic Point, Gouldsboro, Maine

Coastal Surveying

Where's the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA)? What is the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) for your project's site? Is your project in a Federally identified Flood Zone and are you in need of assistance in obtaining a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) from FEMA? Which flood map are we talking about? Hancock County residents are poised for the PRELIMINARY flood maps to become finalized, and that alone has created many FEMA-related questions whether the property is along a stream, lake or the coast. Or maybe you're just looking for compliance in satisfying the regulatory building setback requirements from the highest spring tide or other water-related feature? No matter what water body is involved, we're ready to lend a hand in meeting your surveying needs.

Topographic Surveys
Ellsworth High School Site Plan showing 1' contours which were derived from aerial-acquired imagery using a small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (sUAV) overlaid on top of an orthographically rectified mosaic.

Topographic Surveys

Horizon Surveying Company, Inc. provides detailed topographic surveys to architects and engineers using both traditional ground-based measuring techniques as well as measuring techniques done using drone acquired aerial imagery.

Read more about the different methods we use in meeting your topographic survey needs.

Geographic Information System services using Global Mapper softwareScreen capture from Global Mapper of some of Horizon Surveying Company's projects

Global Mapper Used for Project Management

Any data which contains a spatial component, or even data that you wish to be georeferenced; e.g., a scanned image of an old hand drawn plan, can be developed into a Geographic Information System using Global Mapper software that's developed right here in Maine by Blue Marble Geographics.


If you're a professional land surveyor, architect, engineer or simply a person wanting to setup and manage their spatial data using an economical platform, please consider using our consulting services that are available to you anytime.

Resource Monitoring and Mapping
Photograph taken at Northeast Creek in the Town of Bar Harbor

Resource Mapping

Working with wetland and other ecological scientists, we can accurately map sensitive resources using a variety of measuring techniques including traditional electronic distant measuring total stations, RTK GNSS techniques and close level aerial photography.

Aerial Infrastructure Inspections
Photograph taken at Graham Lake Dam on the Union River in Ellsworth, ME

Aerial Infrastructure Inspections

Aerial acquired imagery, in a still frame or video format, is a safe, practical and economic means for visually inspecting structural facilities which are difficult or even hazardous to complete otherwise.

Locating, mapping and documenting environmentally critical monitoring wells
Photograph taken on the Passamaquoddy Wild Blueberry Company’s Tribal Lands in Township 19, Middle Division, Washington, County, Maine.

Monitoring Wells Located & Mapped

Keeping track of water levels and the local water table over long periods of time requires careful measurements tied to the National Spatial Reference System. Let us help with out location and mapping services.

Accurate volumetric Calculations from 3D point clouds
Screen capture from Pix4Dmapper Pro

Volumetric Surveys

Volumetric Survey BrochureAerial-acquired imagery allows for a very cost effective means of accurately calculating stockpile volumes for the Aggregate Industry.

For more information, please download our information brochure (hint: right-click, Save Link As...) 11Mb.


Boundary Determinations, Surveying and Mapping
Survey Plan and Survey Reports Compilation

Boundary Surveys

Most professional land surveyors are equipped to handle the complexities that are involved in making boundary determinations. This is why each state in the nation has its own Board of Licensure to license and oversee those who qualify to practice land surveying in that state. The licensed professional land surveyor; however, renders an opinion as to the location of a given boundary line after a preponderance of all the evidence. Ultimately, that opinion can either be upheld by the court through adjudication or ratified through mutual agreement of the interested parties.