Topographic Surveys

Engineering and architectural planning require an accurate topographic representation of the ground for the project being designed. Horizon Surveying Company can provide you and your client with a detailed survey tailored to the specific needs of the design team.

In order to ensure uniform product deliverables, all topographic survey projects will be tied to the National Spatial Reference System using GNSS RTK equipment.

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Topographic Surveys from LiDAR data

If the topographic need requires a resolution of the ground surface to no less than 2-foot contours, there is an excellent chance that there is LiDAR data readily available. This method should be considered in all cases, even when the need at the project site demands a higher resolution surface. Conjoining the 2' data onto the margins of your project can help to focus on a smaller area, and thereby less costly.

The image to the right shows the available LiDAR (circa 2016) that's provided courtesy of the Maine Office of GIS and USGS (hint - click image for larger view).

Topographic Surveys from Maine's LiDAR Coverage (circa 2016)

Topographic Surveys from sUAS data

If your topographic need requires a higher resolution of the ground surface than 2-foot contours, and when there is open sky above the project site, sUAS-based topography is an excellent choice. The best results from most airborne remote sensing will be before leaf-on or after leaf-off; therefore, consider the season in your project planning.


Topographic Surveys from Total Station Data

Topographic Survey Under Mixed Conditions

Most likely, your project site has some places where LiDAR signals cannot penetrate through a dense canopy of conifers. Point cloud generation using sUAS-based photography has its own set of limitations when the ground is unable to be seen. Consequently, this is when traditional ground-based measuring techniques using a Total Station must be used in place of, or to augment, remotely sensed data.

Fortunately, any or all of these data gathering techniques can be used together to meet your topographic survey needs:

  • LiDAR
  • sUAS Photographs
  • Total Station